User Summit 2021

Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 PM EDT (No-Cost Registration)

Location: A virtual meeting hosted from our office in King of Prussia, PA

This event is for users of the TranStar application for stock transfer processing. We will focus on a system overview, recent enhancements, streamlining, and demonstrate some of the more advanced features.

We will also provide information on some of our ancillary products and services. Attendees of this event will receive a special offer to attend our User Conference in 2022.

Mark your calendar now and look for more information in the coming weeks.

In 1995, TS Partners hosted its first User Conference that allowed clients to interact with one another and our support team. What started out as a small gathering of 7 people at our office in King of Prussia, PA, had, by 2019, grown into a 3-day event with over 120 attendees and sponsors in Las Vegas, NV.

We all know too well what happened next - as business travel, client conferences and in-person interactions were replaced with work from home, Zoom meetings and remote training sessions. TS Partners is committed to bringing back in-person connections with our clients, as soon as possible. Until then, we are hosting a Virtual event:

TranStar User Summit – Partners In Progress

The User Summit will be a 2-hour, virtual event, for users of the TranStar application, focused on features and enhancements for stock transfer processing. We want to make sure our clients are fully aware of the bells-and-whistles that TranStar offers including reporting, custom documents, dashboards, as well as graphs and charts, and more.

We will also demonstrate and provide information on other product offerings and services that allow TS Partners to provide the most comprehensive software package in the industry.

This event is provided to clients at no-charge. The agenda will be finalized in the next few weeks. If you have a specific area of the system, workflow, or topic in the stock transfer industry in general, that you would like us to address, please send your ideas.

Follow the instructions on the following page to register for our User Summit. We are using our Virtual Meeting platform, in conjunction with our LinkStar web application, to manage the sign-up process, to allow you a first-hand experience with that offering. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 6 at 1:00PM EST and plan to join us for this event.

We will bring back our in-person User Conference in 2022.

Partial listing of topics we intend to cover during this event:

Tax Reporting Statements TranStar Lite
Family Set-up/Reporting Holder Detail by Issue Use of Treasury
Virtual Meetings/LinkStar MailStar Privacy/Due Diligence
User Conference 2019
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